Air Conditioning, HVAC Repairs and Maintenance Division

Qatari Korean Air Conditioning is the Qatar’s number one provider of planned air conditioning maintenance – nationwide. We have the expertise to complete all types of maintenance and unrivalled experience in developing maintenance plans to suit any environment.

The filters, coils, fins and other parts of an air conditioner require regular and periodic maintenance for its smooth functioning. The neglectance and delay in this periodic maintenance may decline the air conditioner’s performance and interfere with your comfort zone.

Air conditioners are inevitable in the burning sun of Qatar, and if the filters are clogged it reduces the amount of airflow and the whole system’s efficiency which in turn affects your comfort. Qatari Korean provides the most efficient maintenance services across Qatar and provides you with the best services. We aspire to customer satisfaction and strive hard to work it out. We have a set of well-trained technicians to find and fix the problem of your HVAC and maintain it the best.

This organization was started with a view to being recognized by our valued customers as the leader in A/C maintenance by providing the highest quality, effective, responsive, and integrated service, We are a professionally managed firm with excellent technical expertise and specialized in all types of air conditioning maintenance services and mechanical services,

We have a profound service record and a reputed name in the market, We have high standards for quality control which ensures the reliability h integrity of the services, We are also known for our reasonable pricing policy against the quality of services provided,

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The Main Features Of Our Services Set Up Are


Quickly cultivate optimal processes and tactical architectures. Completely iterate covalent strategic theme areas.


A workforce with professional technical staff… we regularly train and upgrade our technical staff


All suggestion / remarks from our customers are carefully reviewed through yearly feedback from the customer.

We always follow the principle of seeing is believing and hence are proud to have a track record of all old customers referring new customer.

Our maintenance department specialized in providing preventive maintenance, and periodical servicing, of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, under annual maintenance contract for residential buildings, companies, hotels and villas etc,

This department also undertakes the repair and maintenance of all types of A/C equipment’s, such as¦ (chillers, central A/C, package unit, Split A/C Unit, etc,

We have trained and dedicated facilities management team who can be stationed at the Site in order to render the maintenance jobs, promptly and effectively,

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Qatar

Avoiding air conditioning breakdowns is a major priority for all our customers. Our experience also tells us that regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system.

Cutting back on maintenance has proven to be a false economy. A reactive approach to maintenance, such as repairing the system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use.

A planned air conditioning maintenance contract from Qatar Korean Engineering offers a range of benefits:

  • All work is carried out by our friendly, in-house, fully qualified maintenance technicians
  • Maintenance visits are scheduled and agreed with you in advance – and of course we’re happy for you to change the time and date of the visit if necessary.
  • We’ll save you money by carrying out maintenance only when necessary, depending on your environment and cooling requirements.
  • You can choose from a range of maintenance service plans, including Pay-As-You-Go or Term Contracts to suit your equipment and your circumstances.
  • We offer a complete, year round nationwide air conditioning maintenance service – especially useful if you operate from a number of sites.
  • Every maintenance visit includes a free asset check and our technicians are able to arrange a quotation for any repairs they identify