Vacuum Pumb

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Model VP 135 & VP 235

Oil or Not: Oil
Structure: Rotary Vacuum Pump
Exhauster Method: Kinetic Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Degree: High Vacuum
Work Function: Mainsuction Pump
Working Conditions: Dry

Model VP 135 & VP 235

VP series single stage vacuum pump

(1) VP single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are directly connected small pumps with outer

covers of aluminum alloy as the electical machinery.

(2)They are efficient in heat dissipation and can maintan a good performance for a long time
and their quality is very good.

(3) The pumps are advanced in stable functioning and low noise.

(4) This equipment is for acquiring rough vacuums and middle vacuums, and also is basic

equipment for acquiring the vacuum environment by evacuating gas from the enclosed container.

(5)It can be used alone, or it can serve as the backing pump and prepump of a roots pump, diffusionpump and molecular.


1.Environmental,lower energy consumption,no pollution–low noise,no oil leak and anti-suckback

2.Continuous working for 2,400 hours in free of trouble


1. Food industry, Vacuum packaging,

2. Vacuum freezing

3. Refrigerator

4.Medicinal technology

5. Air conditioning

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